Montichiari (BS) Nat. Dog Show 1.2.2004
This was the first show for Niccolò (our Scottie male) and Mafalda (Olivia's sealyham sister) the were both BOB, Judge: Sonia Pagani. We forgot the camera, so no picture


Osio Sotto 1.22.2004
Finaly we are Back!
We had to move our homepage from one host provider to another one and for several reason we have been shut off for a while...
...In the meantime...
Carlotta finished the championship with the last CAC at the Erba Specialty and at the same show Olivia was BOB, Judge: Mrs Marja Talvitie


Vadstena (Sweden) 4x Int. Dog Show 16-17-18-19.07.2003 and S.S.S. Sealy Specialty
We made our Summer "Dog" Holiday in Sweden with Olivia and Carlotta, it was a veeery long trip, but we enjoyed our time and our results. Special thanks to Paola and Stefano for their precious support..... and a special greeting to all our Scandinavian friends...
Great special "THANK YOU" to our Sealy Friend Sabine

1st Day
Olivia got the CAC, CACIB and was BOB and was chosen among the Group Finalist, Breed and Group Judge: Mr. H. Lehtinen (FIN)

2nd Day
Olivia got the CAC, CACIB and was BOS. Judge Mr. F. Pieterse (AUS)
Carlotta got the CAC, CACIB and was BOS. Judge Mrs. J. Perry (UK)

3rd Day
Carlotta got the CAC and reserve CACIB. Judge Mr. L. Pieterse (AUS)

4th Day
Olivia got the CAC, CACIB and BOB, she was chosen among the Gruop Finalist. Breed Judge Mr. Dan Ericsson (SWE), Group Judge B. Blid (SWE)

S.S.S. Specialty 2003
Best of Breed : Majomas High Colour and Best of Opposite Majomas High Speed. Judge Mr. K. Holmes (UK)


Firenze Int. Dog Show 18.5.2003
Carlotta got her fifth CAC this sunday and was Best of Opposite. Judge Mr. Wilberg Sigurd (GB). Here some photo:


Seveso (MI) Nat. Dog Show 11.5.2003
We showed only Carlotta, a nice outdoor show with few Terrier though. Carlotta was second in the Terrier Group as well Judge Mrs. C. Falsina, Terrier Group Judge Mrs. M. Brivio Chellini. Here some photo:


Diamantina (FE) Terrier Specialty 4.5.2003
Great sunny day in Diamantina: Olivia got her last CAC for the Italian Ch. ! Italian Champion at just 16 months!!!. Carlotta had a nice day too and she was Best Of Opposite. Judge Mr. Carl Gunnar Stafberg (S). Here some photo:

Open bitches

Best of Breed and Best of Opposite

We are the Champion!


Sanremo Int. Dog Show 27.4.2003
Carlotta and Olivia visited the City of Flowers. They both look great but only Olivia was CAC and BOB, she was chosen among the Group Finalsts. Mrs Z. Thorn judged the Scottie and Mr T. Thorn (UK) judged the Sealy. Here some photo:


Lecco Nat. Dog Show 13.4.2003
Nice day for a dogshow outdoor!!! Carlotta and Olivia had a nice day too, they both got the CAC and Carlotta was BOB :-) Jundge Mrs A Sommi Picenardi (ITA). Here some photo:


Codogno Nat. Dog Show 30.3.2003
Huston .... we have a new champion! Camilla finished her championship this sunday and was Group 3rd as well !! Olivia did well too, she was BOB ... and gained her 3rd CAC. We had 2 special guests...our Bouvier "Allegra", she had a great sunday too 'cause was BOB, and our friend Danila that showed Camilla in the group ring! (thank you ;-). Jundge Mr N. Deschuymere(B). Here a lot of photo:


Reggio Emilia Int. Dog Show 23.3.2003
2nd Day of Reggio Emilia week-end: Carlotta got her 1st CAC and was Best of opposite, and....Olivia was BOB !!!! Jundge Mrs P. Heikkinen Lehkonen(FIN). Here some photo:


Reggio Emilia Specialty 22.3.2003
Heading to Reggio Emilia for the week-end shows. We showed our Scottish "Saore Some Velvet Morning" (Carlotta) and Olivia ... This was the first show for Carlotta and she achieved a reserve CAC (in a class of 5 bitches), Olivia started very well her championship with a CAC and was Best of Opposite. Mrs. B. Seloy (DK) Jundged the Scottish and B. Bambury (UK) judjed the Sealyham. Here some photo:


Ancona Specialty 23.2.2003
We showed only Camilla and ... she was BOB :), she achieved another CAC for the championship, one more and she'll become Italian CH. Jundge H. Lethinen (SF). Here some photo:


Erba Specialty 14.12.2002
Camilla day at Erba Specialty, she was BOB and achived the CC for the Italian championship, Olivia was BOS from the young class. Jundge C. Delmar (IRL). Here some photo:


Stockholm Int. Dog Show 8.12.2002
On December the 6th we flew to Stockholm for a short "dog" Holyday. On Sunday we went to visit the Int. Dog Show. Was a pleasure to see a lot of beautiful dogs and the groups were spectacular! Group 1st was the Irish - Merrymac X-Tra Special Edition, 2 the Cairn - Hjohoo's Dreamin'of Diamonds To Hjo, 3 the Border - Rockamore Lapinkulta, 4 the Skye - Finnsky Xcalibur and 5 the Scottie - Raglan Rockport. Here the terrier group finalist photo:


Verona Specialty 30.11.2002
After nearly a month without Dog Show, we went to Verona ... We showed Camilla and Olivia, Olivia, again, was Best Young Sealyham and with it she achived the Young Club Championship 2002. Mr. A. Di Trapani (I) judged the Sealy and the Scottish. Here some photo:


Genova Specialty 2.11.2002
Genova Int. Dog Show was a Terrier Specialty, held in a nice Fair near the sea... We showed Camilla and Olivia, it was "another" Olivia day: She went Best of Opposite from the young class at only 10 months old, Camilla was reserve CAC-CACIB. Mr. P. Footstadt (N) judged the Sealy, Mr. H. Johansson judged the Scottish. Here some photo:


Bastia Umbra Specialty 13.10.2002
On Sunday 14 we head for Bastia Speciatly, we showed Camilla in Open class and Olivia for the first time in young class. It was Olivia's day: she achivied the third in the young Group. Judge Mrs. A. Casale (I) (Scottish), Mrs. B. Hasselgren (SWE) (Sealyham and young Group). Here some photo:

It's Showtime !

There are 5 before me: I can rest a bit

I can stand on 3 feet, you know?

Tail up, look ahead, calm,
I know what to do on the table...

Check out my out-line....

I got 3rd, we can go home now...


Bellagio Int. Dog Show 06.10.2002
This is a nice Dog Show: is held close to the Como lake. Camilla was "alone" in the Scotty ring and guess what...we won the breed !!! Judge Mrs. Sonia Pagani (I).Here some Photo :


Pisa Int. Dog Show 21.09.2002
Long trip to Pisa
: we woke up at 4.30am! :-/ and drove for 320Km. It was a sunny-hot day; we showed Camilla: she went BOB and was pulled out in the Group. Judge Mrs. F. Folkmann Zsuzsa, HU. Here some Photo:


Torino Int. Dog Show 15.09.2002
On September the dog shows start again...So here we are in Torino: we showed wasn't a luky day, cause we got 2nd :-( .Judge Mr. P. Monteanu (F). Here some Photo:

Bergamo Int. Dog Show 15.06.2002
We didn't drive too far this time, we went to the Int. Dog Show in Bergamo (our city). We showed a Scottie (Camilla) in joung class and a Sealy in Juniores (Olivia). Camilla went BOB ! judge Mr. F. Asnaghi. Here some Photo:

Camilla on the "grass"

Olivia...the man ask a triangle... here it is!

Camilla in the Group ring...


St. Gallen (Switzerland) Int. Dog Show 26.05.2002
Here we go agian...This time for Switzerland, Ginger (Atalantas Fanfare) needed last CACIB to become Int. champion....and we Did It !! (judge: Frau B. von Kralik, D) Here some Photo:

I know there is liver..somewhere !

Who is that woman...should I smile ! :-D

It. Int. Ch. Atalantas Fanfare


Diamantina (FE) Terrier Specialty 28.04.2002
We had a nice "show dog day" in Diamantina, we showed one Scotty, in the Young class and a Puppy Sealy, our friend Danila showed our home-breed Juniores Scotty too. Camilla (Saore Sounds Good) was 2nd in the young group, Olivia (A Touch of Ginger Spice) at her first dog show, was 3rd in the puppy group..... :-) Mrs. Liz Bradley (UK) judge the Scottish, Mr. R. Paquette (CDN) judge the Sealyham and the Puppy group while Mr. Tore Fossum (N) judge the young group. Here some Photo:

Camilla "on the table" looking at the Judge. ;-)

Olivia in the puppy group: nice girl for a 4 month puppy !

D.J. (Saore The Black Starlight),

And the winner is.... not! 2nd :-))